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Taking the Façade & Aluminum Fabrication Industry to New Heights



HATIM GLAZING & CLADDING PVT.LTD. (HGC) is one of India`s leading designers and fabricators of Aluminium Doors & Window, Glazing and Cladding solutions as well as suppliers of the quality products established in Mumbai, India. It is also an ISO 9001:2008 certified company. The unique value can only be created by professionalism as gamble has no future.

Professionalism includes loyalism and specialty. HGC people from the top-level manager to new workers have kept this concept in their minds firmly. HGC offers a beautiful, fresh, creative and practical possibility for a modern building, satisfied dream of architects and interior designers, engineers and building owners. HGC has developed a strong reputation for quality engineered products and solutions with a strong commitment and development as well as an excellent standard of consumer service. HGC objective is to achieve the limit beyond technology in the creation of architectural work of distinction for façade cladding and glazing, door and window, with an emphasis on aesthetic pleasing and innovative designs. 

Ali Asgar Modi – Director, Hatim Glazing & Cladding Pvt. Ltd

Mr. Aliasgar Modi, the Director of Hatim Glazing & Cladding Pvt. Ltd., graduated from Mumbai University. He has over two decades of experience in the Aluminum & Glass Fabrication Industry. He heads the finance, investment, purchase and procurement departments of the Company. Mr. Aliasger’s goal of giving quality work to the customer with minimum time, money and resources.

We are specialized in doing all kind of Facade work, Spider Glazing, Entry To Exist Hardware, Automatics, Sliding doors, Handles, Shower Cubical, Interior and more.

Taha Modi – Director Hatim Glazing & Cladding Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Taha Modi, the Director of the Company, graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Mumbai University. He has over decades of experience in the Aluminum & Glass Fabrication Industry. He heads the architectural, construction and purchase and procurement departments of the Company. Mr. Taha believes today, Hatim Glazing is a leading name amongst the most premium Facade organizations within and outside of Mumbai.

We are the organization that is focusing on offering quality services and solutions that are as per the AAMA standards. Our aim is to provide the excellent quality workmanship, topmost services and facade solution to our each and every client.

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