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Mamta Narula – Story of Women’s Entrepreneurial Empowerment

MCC has nominated Mamta Narula for the IWEC Awards 2019.




The Manhattan Chamber of Commerce (MCC) this year has nominated Mamta Narula for the IWEC Awards.  She will receive her award from IWEC Chairwoman and Former US Ambassador, Ruth A. Davis, and IWEC Conference Chairwoman, Princess Noor Asem of Jordan at the Awards Ceremony on Tuesday, November 12th. 2019.

Mamta Narula, Originally from New Delhi, India, is a prominent business and media personality in the South Asian community in the United States. She is the CEO of Ultimate Media – a leading marketing and event management company that helps companies market their products and services to the US South Asian population.

Ms. Narula is the driving force behind the Asian American Heritage Festival, which has become the largest Asian festival in the East Coast. Ms. Narula has hosted several popular TV and radio shows, Bollywood and corporate events and has established a strong reputation as an entertaining and flamboyant media personality. Her passion for serving the community and bringing a positive change with her leadership skills sets her apart.

Mamta Narula

” I have several tracks running in my life all the time. But, there is always time for my home away from the home – behind the microphone as a radio jockey hosting my two drive time radio shows every week. Being on the radio, putting together a great show and the banter and interactions with the listeners is the best form of stress relief for me. My first show was in 1999 and it happened quite by accident when a friend suggested I go on air with EBC Radio. Once I tasted the on-air experience, there was no looking back. Radio is where I combine my passion for Bollywood, the joy of interacting with listeners and the entertainer in me to create a buzz and energy on the airwaves. I am grateful to my RJ career because it has allowed me to meet so many of the Bollywood stars. It is my stint on radio that has given me my tagline – ‘Mamta Jikso Kuch Nahin Hai Jamta’. It describes me perfectly – for I am always looking for new experiences and being settled in a comfort zone is not for me.”

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